Trektember TNG – Episode List

Here are the episodes we’ll be reviewing for Trektember TNG, along with the articles’ authors. Read our intro article for more information about the project, and don’t forget to follow our Behind-The-Scenes series about the making of the show!

8/30 Season 2 Preview David Lichty/‌David Atwell
9/1 Where No One Has Gone Before* Mike Poteet
9/2 Skin of Evil Mike Poteet
9/3 The Measure of a Man Reed Lackey
9/4 Q Who David Lichty
9/5 Peak Performance Mark Wingerter
9/6 The Defector Matt McKinney
9/7 Yesterday’s Enterprise David Lichty
9/8 The Offspring Ryan Earnhart
9/9 The Best of Both Worlds (I & II) Kevin C. Neece
9/10 Family Ryan Earnhart
9/11 Brothers Ryan Earnhart
9/12 Reunion David Lichty
9/13 The Drumhead Kevin C. Neece
9/14 Darmok Reed Lackey
9/15 Unification (I & II) Reed Lackey
9/16 Cause and Effect David Atwell
9/17 The First Duty Mark Wingerter
9/18 I, Borg David Lichty
9/19 The Next Phase David Lichty
9/20 The Inner Light Mikey Fissel
9/21 Relics Kevin C. Neece
9/22 Chain of Command (I & II) Kevin C. Neece
9/23 Tapestry Mark Wingerter
9/24 The Chase David Atwell
9/25 Parallels David Lichty
9/26 The Pegasus David Atwell
9/27 Lower Decks Mikey Fissel
9/28 Encounter at Farpoint* Mike Poteet
9/29 All Good Things… David Atwell
9/30 Final Wrap-Up David Atwell

*Encounter at Farpoint was the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation to ever air, and is reviewed out of sequence to correspond with the 30th anniversary of the day the show began.

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