Streaming Weekly April 2016 3.0

Streaming Weekly April 2016 3.0

With a brand new weekend upon us, and the weather continuing to improve, you might be planting your garden, cleaning out your garage, or finally getting to the spring cleaning. When you need a break from the laborious preparation of enjoying summer, then let our contributors fill our eyeholes with the best offerings from streaming services. Check out our three recommendations and have a happy movie watching weekend everyone!

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via Gene Gosewehr

The History of Future Folk Poster

The History of Future Folk (Netflix) – This independent sci-fi film has a quirky look to it that will drive some away just as quick as it will draw others in. It peaked my curiosity when it first dropped on Netflix a year or two ago and I only recently decided to give it a shot. In a world (cue dramatic narrator voice) where life exists on other planets, one Hondonian leaves his people in search for another habitable planet before an incoming comet strikes Hondo and kills everyone. His mission is to eliminate all competing species to clear the way for his people. But, once he hears their music, his heart is changed, along with his mission.

The first half showed a lot of promise. A lot of very interesting themes going on including the transformative power of art and practical approach to “giving peace a chance.” If you REALLY wanted to push a narrative there is a lot that could be said about immigration. Unfortunately once it begins to transfer from a more general, human overview into a personal attachment phase, the film begins to fall apart. Plot holes become more evident and the dialogue begins to fade. Despite all that it’s still pretty good and I would recommend it for a Netflix watch.

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via The Film Avenger

The Punisher Poster

The Punisher (Netflix) – Though I did thoroughly enjoy Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2, I think I like Thomas Jane’s performance as the same character in this film a little bit more. He shares Bernthal’s sincerity and sympathy as Castle, but there is more charisma in Jane’s take. Jane’s Punisher has a mystery quality to him, with the rage sort of boiling just beneath the surface. His look is slightly older, which also lends more credibility to Jane’s Castle in my mind. The film itself is entertaining – not as intense and serious as the Daredevil take (which is one of the film’s problems). It contains some great action sequences. Jane is by far the best part of the film (John Travolta, by contrast, is laughable at times as the villain). It’s not a great movie, but it has its moments. If anything, it’s an interesting look at the character’s evolution in visual media.

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via Mikey Fissel

The Princess Bride Poster

The Princess Bride (Netflix) – I feel a little silly recommending this one, honestly. It’s not because it’s not one of the greatest movies ever made (reflected in being one of my Top 5 of all time), but because I can think of no reason you should have to go to a streaming site to see this because you should already own a copy on Blu-ray! Seriously! How many non-animated, family-friendly films are out there? The Princess Bride is fun for every. single. age. bracket. It’s cheeky but also clever. Perfectly cast, It has great cameos and some stars at the beginning of their careers. If you take the time to watch this film about “Twue Wuv!” then you will not only find yourself quoting it throughout the day but your loved ones as well. Also, it never gets old– and only gets better as a quote-along during repeat viewings! Now, stop what you’re doing and go watch this movie! I mean it! (anybody want a peanut?!)

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