#086 – CROSSOVER: Star Wars When Faith Awakens

#086 – CROSSOVER: Star Wars When Faith Awakens

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

swfa001In a different sort of podcast, James Harleman (Cinemagogue), Mikey Fissel (Reel World Theology), and Steve Norton (ScreenFish) come together for a super-sized conversation on the theological issues within and behind Star Wars The Force Awakens. Discussing issues concerning the cycle of sin, repentance, and even trinitarian theology, we explore what happens when our faith changes who we are.


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Reel World Theology #086 – CROSSOVER: Star Wars When Faith Awakens
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This Special CROSSOVER episode consisted of Mikey Fissel, James Harleman, and Steve Norton.

Mikey Fissel (@fizzification)
Reel World Theology

James Harleman (@harlemanic)
www.cinemagogue.com (@cinemagogue)
YouTube Channel
The Book:
Cinemagogue: Reclaiming Entertainment and Navigating Narrative for the Myths and Mirrors they were Meant to Be

Steve Norton (@PastorStevePBC)
Screen Fish

Podcast Notes and Links:

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A New Hope Awakens at Reel World Theology
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Star Wars Fans Awaken to… The Force Awakens at Screen Fish
The Gospel for Han Solo at Cinemagogue

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