Who·ology #007 – S08E07 Kill the Moon

Who·ology #007 – S08E07 Kill the Moon


Episode 007 opens up with Clara throwing us right into things, “Hello Earth. We have a terrible decision to make…” From there things do not calm down. We don’t have a shortage of things to talk about and we also have to politely disagree with the internet about how things play out. We also try to explain why everyone’s favorite part of this episode is our least favorite of the season. debate!

What did you think of “Kill the Moon”? Did we miss something (of course we did– there is never enough time!)? Leave a comment.


Check out Episode 007:

Who·ology #007 – S08E07 Kill the Moon



Nice discussion. While I agree that the Doctor’s actions, in leaving the decision to humanity in general and the three women in particular, were correct, I absolutely disapprove of how he handled himself throughout. I don’t think it was childish of Clara to tell the Doctor to his face that he scared her and did not act as her friend. Friends don’t abandon people when they are wrestling with tough decisions.

I’m with you: NASA is worth well more than one penny per taxpayer. I hope the US won’t forget that; at the same time, just because we have been pulling back from space doesn’t mean other countries are. As the guys on Radio Free Skaro pointed out this week, look at India – a Mars orbiter on a (relative) shoestring budget! If the US doesn’t lead us into space, i think it will be bad for our country; but hopefully the human race as a whole will still get there. (Just to be clear, I’m not saying I think the US *should* pull back from space – I’m not saying, “Let the other countries do it.” We need to look up, for sure!)

Really liked the theological parallel you drew about one innocent for all humanity!

I think where some people see “abandonment”, I see “tough love.” hehe.

But yeah, I could link some Neil deGrasse Tyson videos all day that should spur people to realize how important looking up should be.

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