Star Trek: The Next Next Next Next Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Next Next Next Next Generation

Those of you who know me in real life may find this hard to believe, but in over a year since Redeeming Culture began, there are only two posts about Star Trek.

Actually, if you take into account that the first one went up before the site even began and was a reprint of the article as it appeared on a previous site, there’s only one.

But a new series was recently announced, and in honor of the new show, I’d encourage you to take a quick look back into the archives with us. First to March 4, where I discussed the death of an icon and what it meant to my life…

Leonard Nimoy

Sobbing Mathematically
“On the day he died, I noted on Facebook that no celebrity death had affected me so profoundly.  It’s fascinating (yes, fascinating) how deeply the death of a man could affect me when I never met him or talked to him.  […]

Now, as the character of Spock passes into the mythical alongside Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood and the current incarnation settles completely on Zachary Quinto, I find myself evaluating my legacy.  What will I leave behind?  I have a wife and a son; are they my legacy?  Is this site my legacy?  Will my friends remember me after I am gone?”

Now travel with us, all the way back to the beginning – past the beginning, even – to the very first review posted on Redeeming Culture before the site’s launch: a review of 2009’s Star Trek reboot film, and of the series as a whole…

Star Trek (2009)

“The hero of Star Trek is born in battle, and was never destined for smallness. Like Pike tells him, “Your father was captain of a starship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives – including your mother’s, and yours. I dare you to do better.” Kirk takes that dare. […]

The villain has removed from us the luxury of choosing to be a noncombatant. We cannot be neutral. But while we’re commanded to take part in this adventure, we’re not the heroes. We’re not the man in the captain’s chair of this particular ship.”

We’re approaching Star Wars month here at Redeeming Culture; and once the new Trek series begins in January 2017, you can be sure we’ll be reviewing it here. But until then, we hope you’ll continue reading Redeeming Culture.

Live Long and Prosper!

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