#045 – Exodus and the Impatient Child

#045 – Exodus and the Impatient Child

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:


We take on the non-controversy of Exodus: Gods and Kings. Earlier this year the film Noah set off an internet firestorm of back-and-forth of those who either loved it or loathed it. Exodus: Gods and Kings has not stirred up the same storm, but it definitely has its talking points. We part the waters between truth and fiction and try to ascertain just what Ridley Scott was hoping to accomplish with his film. Also, how does this Biblical epic hold up to a film that most of us really enjoyed in Noah?


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This weeks panel included Alan Hawkins and JR Forasteros.

Alan Hawkins (@keepalanwalking)
Church of the Redeemer Greensboro

JR Forasteros (@jrforasteros)
The Storymen Podcast
Origami Elephants Podcast


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