#180 – BlacKkKlansman and Dealing With Our History

#180 – BlacKkKlansman and Dealing With Our History

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:
We talk for a very long time about how good a movie BlacKkKlansman is and what it can teach us about our past and our present. How do movies about racism in America direct our conversations socially, culturally, and as Christians? Are movies that point out the disparity among different races doing more harm than good? What does it mean to be dedicated to social justice in a politically polarized world? We scratch the surface…
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Reel World Theology #180 – BlacKkKlansman and Dealing With Our History
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This episode’s panel included Emmanuel Noisette and JR Forasteros:
Emmanuel Noisette (@EmansReviews)
Eman’s Movie Reviews
JR Forasteros (@jrforasteros)
ORDER: Empathy for the Devil
Podcast Notes and Links:
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