#170 – Infinity War and Unlikely Protagonists

#170 – Infinity War and Unlikely Protagonists

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

We do what everyone in the world is already doing– talk about Avengers: Infinity War. We go into spoilers because, honestly, this movie is coming up on the two billion worldwide mark so there are not a lot of people who haven’t seen it yet. With that said, we talk about the things that intrigued us most about this unofficial ‘part one’ of the culmination of a decade of storytelling. And we are surprised at how the MCU keeps us on our toes after all this time.

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This episode’s panel included Mark WIngerter and David Atwell:

Mark Wingerter (@markwingdinger)
Re-View Series

David Atwell (@RedeemCulture)
Redeeming Culture

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