What To Expect from Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILER FREE)

This might be the most anticipated film of the year. Assemble for this spoiler-free review!

What’s it about?

Every Marvel movie has led up to this point. Every hero (and many of the villains) in the MCU chase the mad titan Thanos across the galaxy as he seeks to acquire the six Infinity Stones, put them in his gauntlet, and become the most powerful character in the universe. Every power is on display. And every life is on the line.

Is it any good?

  • I’m not exaggerating when I say that every MCU film has led up to this one. It synthesizes almost all of the strenths of this decade of superhero films, and pushes the envelope forward in ways you really couldn’t expect.
  • It’s remarkable that they managed to weave together so many storylines and teams and (over forty) characters without it feeling like a mess. The movie is more than coherent, and it’s also quite an exciting ride.
  • The different combinations of disparate characters is great. Seeing Avengers pairing up with Guardians is hilarious and fun.
  • Thanos is a really interesting villain. I’m going to leave it there because anything else would spoil some really great character work.
  • Directing and effects are excellent; the music is phenomenal and soaring; and the sets are remarkably evocative.
  • The whole thing is a very thought-provoking experience. The highs have never been higher in the MCU, and the lows are the lowest I can imagine. And the way it ends is totally not what you’d expect.

Should I see it?

Yes, for sure. If for no other reason than to free yourself from the threat of spoilers. There are going to be hundreds of think-pieces written about this film, and you’re going to want to participate in the conversation. Plus, it’s quite an exciting ride.

What spiritual themes should I watch for?

There’s a lot going on here that’s tough to identify without spoiling the film, but I can tell you to keep an eye out for the effects of sacrifice and the necessity of trading lives, and think about whether or not Thanos is right.

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