2014 In Review

2014 In Review

On September 24, Redeeming Culture officially launched to the world.  Since then, we’ve posted 25 articles on a wide range of different topics.  Let’s take a look back on our year, shall we?

The Caption Awards

Our First Post

Iron ManIron Man: The Avengers Disassembled
After reposting several film reviews from Redeeming Culture’s predecessor, Zoettrope, we got started by finishing out the story of Marvel’s Avengers – namely, with Iron Man.  We investigated the world’s problems as well as our own problems, and examined the realities behind solving both.

Our Most Liked Post

2014-12-09 10.53.46An Inadvertent Cult
My son was born on October 18.  The following week, I noted how crazy parenting culture is, and how difficult it is to walk the line between loving your children and overwhelming them.  Sage words, coming from someone who had been a parent for four days and knew everything.  (This is what he looks like now, by the way)

Our Most Shared Post

TPP_animated121,000 Voices
With the release of a new Pokémon game in November, our minds went back to a fascinating social experiment that first appeared on social gaming site Twitch earlier this year.  We looked into some of the things that made Twitch Plays Pokémon really click, including the metanarrative, strange direction, and burning drive to worship.

Our Most Commented Post

mario-smThe Princess in the Other Castle
Our article on Super Mario Bros. investigated our real representative in the Mario universe, our need to be rescued, our status as a monster, and the God who sent His son to save us.  Along the way, a reader noticed why we love achievement and rescuing others in video games.

The Top Three

Number 3

houseHome Rehab Reality Shows
Abigail Hartman knocks it out of the park with an excellent post about the way a complete renovation of a house is beautiful and tearjerking – and how the complete renovation God does on our hearts should leave us speechless.

Number 2

sm-santa_headerRedeeming Santa
He’s making a list, checking it twice…but is Santa Claus naughty or nice?  It might be the most controversial question we tackled this year.  We looked at a number of different ways Santa can be seen (and redeemed) during the Christmas season.

Number 1

numbers-smThe Googolplex and an Infinite God
There’s more to God in math than just praying before a test.  In our most read post of 2014, we looked at the holiness of God and how the fact that it’s hard to wrap our minds around sometimes is actually a good thing, and part of His plan to show us how much different than us He really is.  Complete with a math lesson.


Thank You

We write for this site with a goal that God would be glorified, but without our readers we wouldn’t have anyone to show our passion for the story He’s written into our hearts.  Thank you all for joining us on the first few steps of this journey; we hope you’ll stick around and see what He has in store for us to tackle in 2015.  You’re great.

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