In Theaters June 12th, 2015

In Theaters June 12th, 2015

It’s the weekend of dinosaurs as Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Parks movies, directed by Colin Trevorrow (Safety Not Guaranteed), roars into theaters this Friday. Sure to dominate the crowded summer box office, the movie boasts big CGI dinos and Chris Pratt’s first movie of 2015 after a stellar 2014. Also, there are some intriguing limited releases making their way into theaters including Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl (winner of the Gran Jury Prize and Audience Award at Sundance) and The Wolfpack (Grand Jury Prize winner for a Documentary at Sundance). Check out our preview and let us know what you are excited to see this weekend!

Opening In Wide Release

Jurassic World Movie


The movie going public has been inundated with trailers, promos, and all kinds of advertising for this movie. If you are not aware of the new movie starring Chris Pratt, you must have rolled out of a year-long hibernation, fired up your computer, and read this weekend movie preview. First of all, thank you, and secondly, there is a new Jurassic Park movie coming out. Now that you are all caught up, make sure to check out this sequel. It takes place 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park. Isla Nublar’s attraction has continued in the spirit of John Hammond’s original vision for the park and has become a worldwide sensation. However, attendance has lagged and new attractions are made for the adoring audiences. When one new attraction, the ultimate dinosaur, is conceived, it leads to disaster. Surely, you’re caught up now. Now, go see this movie and let us know what you thought!

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Opening In Limited Release

Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl Movie


When I went to go see Aloha, the most interesting part of the whole movie was the trailer for this movie. Immediately, I was captured by the story of a girl stricken with cancer and the two odd, offbeat friends she makes. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, mostly having done work in TV, utilizes three young actors; Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler, and Olivia Cooke, to make quite an intriguing film. Evoking a cinematic and narrative style similar to John Hughes and Wes Anderson, the positive early reviews are building a lot of excitement. It was a big winner at the Sundance Film Festival and is sure to play well once it releases wider.

A fun aspect of the movie is main character Greg (Thomas Mann) and Earl’s (RJ Cyler) homemade parody/satires of famous movies by changing the titles. 21 homemade movies, like Sockwork Orange, Grumpy Cul-de-sacs, Senior Citizen Cane, were made for the film and are used in differing capacities. It’s a cool added touch that mde this movie so unique an the Audience Award winner at Sundance. Get excited and check it out!

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The Wolfpack Movie


About a homeschooled family shut into their house in New York City, the family has grown up knowing of the outside world only through the movies they watch. When one of them escapes into the outside world, chaos ensues within the family.

Based on this premise, you would assume this is an impressively quirky and interesting first feature length film from director Crystal Moselle. What makes this movie so interesting is that it is not a fictional movie, but a non-fictional documentary. This is a real New York City family, the Angulos, and the documentary follows the six brothers and one sister of the Angulo family. Moselle happened upon the family while attending NYU, walking down the street in shades and suits reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs, asked them some questions and gained access to film their lives. It’s pieced together with current footage, movie footage, and family home video and it looks so interesting. If it is playing in your area, you have GOT to see this and tell all.

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