#046 – Elf and Putting the Más in Christmas

#046 – Elf and Putting the Más in Christmas

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:


Merry Christmas! Our second annual Special Christmas Episode has arrived for your holiday consumption. This year we are talking about one of the youngest films to achieve “Christmas Classic” status: Elf. Boasting one of Will Ferrell’s finest roles (Buddy the Elf), the film has found a way to warm hearts and uplift spirits while also becoming a staple of households during the holiday season. We take some guesses as to why that is, along with discussing some of our own traditions. Enjoy!


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This weeks panel included Laura Fissel and Mark Wingerter.

Laura Fissel (@laura_fissel)

Mark Wingerter (@markwingdinger)
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Podcast Notes and Links:

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