Reel World: Rewind #034 – MirrorMask

Reel World: Rewind #034 – MirrorMask

On this episode of Reel World: Rewind…

Josh is joined by Reel World staff member David Atwell to talk about the 2005 movie, MirrorMask. A UK-based movie produced by Jim Henson Studios, MirrorMask was written by renowned comic book writer and author Neil Gaiman and directed by comic book artist and illustrator Dave McKean. While there might be more famous movies about similar themes, Gaiman and McKean’s movie dives into intriguing concepts of handling complex emotions, as well as being artistically bold and visually arresting. David and Josh talk about how the movie addresses grief, growing up, as well as comparing the movie to other fantasy movies featuring a female protagonist like Labyrinth, The Wizard of Oz, and Pan’s Labyrinth.

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Reel World: Rewind #034 – MirrorMask
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Music: “Dirt Rhodes” by Kevin MacLeod. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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