Who·ology #006 – S08E06 The Caretaker

Who·ology #006 – S08E06 The Caretaker


As season 8 reaches the halfway point, we finally get what seems to be the long-awaited meeting of Danny Pink and The Doctor. Does it go as planned or as we imagined? We talk about that and we do it with a special guest, and fellow Whovian, Mandy Rosenberry!

What did you think of “The Caretaker”? Did we miss something (of course we did– there is never enough time!)? Leave a comment.


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Who·ology #006 – S08E06 The Caretaker



Totally on board with the establishment of the Doctor as disapproving father in this episode, and the reduction of Clara’s character. I don’t find the the Doctor’s avoidance of the hard questions and tough conversations problematic, though, in terms of his current character arc. Of *course* it’s better to have mature conversations with people – this Doctor just isn’t (yet) capable of that. I suspect you are right – it will come, with time. Patience is a virtue!

I also dispute that “just because” = “no purpose” for being with the Doctor. She’s an independent woman, making a free, adult choice. Good for her. Why must every Companion have to be needy? You are reading her avoidance of Danny into the character, imo. And why is going out to see amazing wonders being dismissed so easily as a good, definitive reason for traveling with the Doctor? I’d go for that reason, wouldn’t you? It *is* “different and interesting” from Amy and Rory for that reason alone. I might agree that she could’ve done a better job of explaining the Doctor, but the question was not “ignored.”

Likewise, you are judging Danny because he doesn’t react as most people have, or as you would, to the revelation of the Doctor and the TARDIS. All that proves is that he is his own character. Everyone will react differently. Plus, don’t forget he has lived through the horrors of war – he has perhaps been in therapy, and has seen far worse than the Skovox Blitzer being blown up. The fact that he can have a casual conversation with Clara about it at the end? He’s emotionally mature – heaven forbid! 😉 Bottom line, I think you’re too hard on the guy, focusing on how he didn’t react as opposed to how he did.

The Doctor hasn’t always enjoyed being the hero. I see a lot of William Hartnell in Capaldi’s characterization: scowling, grumblng, shouting at his human companions. It’s all there. The Doctor, like Walt Whitman, contradicts himself and contains multitudes. 😉

Re: Clara’s profession of love – It is made abundantly clear that time has been passing. Why is the audience entitled to see every moment of their relationship? That moment made perfect sense to me. After all, the whole school knows it – “Ozzie loves the Squaddie.” She’s probably been wanting to say it for some time; in a moment of stress, out it comes (maybe like Leia to Han in Empire?).

Fun and thought-provoking podcast… I’ll definitely catch up and keep tuning in!

I am still not sold on Clara’s reasoning with being with the Doctor– don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that she is not clingy or needy of the Doctor, but I would prefer to feel they “need each other.” Clara showed a lot of promise in the first few episodes as an essential companion– someone sworn to be the Doctor’s conscience, but now she just seems to be using the travels as a thrill ride. If she loves Danny, stay with Danny and do life (or even better, have the writers find a reason why we need Danny AND Clara as companions!)

I like your take on Danny and his maturity. We were hoping someone would set us straight because we have loved Danny’s character and want to continue to like him.

I saw your William Hartnell comment over at the Sci-Fi Christian and it made me realize how much we have to learn from the older episodes. It is some of those call backs and understanding of the Doctor as a whole that I appreciate about Moffat as show runner.

Lastly, I still contend, though we don’t need to be entitled to seeing every detail, that there was not enough shown of their relationship to have me on board with dropping the “L word.” Just because the whole school knows something doesn’t work for me. Heck, anyone seen even sitting at the same lunch table in grade school would be teased for being in love– but that hardly made it a reality.

LASTLY, lastly… love the feedback! There is so much to every episode, I absolutely LOVE (see, I went and said it) seeing things from someone else’s perspective. Thanks so much for listening.

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