Contributor 2017 Top Ten| Hannah Lorence

Contributor 2017 Top Ten| Hannah Lorence

This week at Reel World Theology we are featuring the top ten lists of contributors to the site. You can find all our contributor lists here, as well as links to reviews and podcasts for each movie below.

10 – The Florida Project

This film is painful in its realness, but also a breath of fresh air in its tiny actors’ buoyancy and love for life. The fact that both seemingly contrasting emotions are present in one film is amazing, even if exhausting at times.

9 – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi gave everyone hope that the franchise isn’t headed for a rut. Not only did it do justice to stories that came before it, the characters were well-developed and it still had the usual action flick excitement and humorous moments. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast.



8 – Wind River

I walked away from this film learning so much about the Native American culture. The film is one of the best dramas of the year and I wish it was getting more love from critics and audiences. Jeremy Renner isn’t in the running for best actor as far as I can tell, but he should be.

7 – Thor: Ragnarok

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It didn’t fall into the normal superhero genre trappings. It might win my personal award for most laugh out loud moments. With Taika Waititi at the helm I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since he has been one of my favorite directors in recent years. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast.


6 – Logan

Similar to Thor, I didn’t have high expectations for this film with superhero movie fatigue setting in recently, but James Mangold really transcended the genre with this beautiful and harrowing final chapter for Wolverine’s story. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast.

5 – The Big Sick

I was immediately intrigued when I heard that The Big Sick was written by husband/wife team Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, especially since the movie is based on their real life romance. This film is a fresh take on the rom-com genre with some of the best comedic moments of the year from its cast. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast.


4 – Dunkirk

It’s hard to believe that Christopher Nolan can outdo himself after the career he’s had. Memento and The Prestige still remain at the top of my list of favorite films. Based on the incredible true story of the battle at Dunkirk, this film was one of the most immersive and emotionally stirring of the year. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast.

3 – Lady Bird

This film is deceptively simple. It’s a coming of age story, but Greta Gerwig managed to deliver a fresh take on the genre with lovable characters and a sincerity that is simultaneously cringe-worthy and endearing. It’s a story that everyone can relate to in some way. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast.



2 – Coco

This film left me speechless. Not only because of the gorgeous animation, but also because this film represented so much of my beautifully rich culture. It was the first time I felt that a story portrayed on the screen was able to do the Mexican culture justice. And it’s just a great time all around. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast.

1 – Get Out

If you had told me at the beginning of the year that my top film of 2017 would be a thriller/horror film about a black guy meeting his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time, I wouldn’t have believed it. I am not a scary movie person. What Jordan Peele was able to accomplish with this film is unmatched by any filmmaker this year. It provided an opportunity for everyone who watched it to experience true empathy and understanding. And that’s why it’s the best. Follow these links for the RWT review & podcast, and listen in to a special episode of The Body | The Blood.

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