This ongoing series has run since September 2016, when Star Trek first took over Redeeming Culture. Join us on our next voyage!

Trektember Season 2: The Next Generation

Come celebrate the thirtieth birthday of Star Trek: The Next Generation with us! Redeeming Culture has assembled the finest crew of culture redeemers from all over the internet to investigate the spiritual harmonies in this cornerstone of science fiction, and we’re running one article every day, all month long. Check out all the articles that have been released (so far) below:

And if you’re interested in the history of The Next Generation, follow our series of excellent posts about the production (and the parables thereof) over at Trek Backstory. Also check out our collaboration podcast with Reel World Theology!

Trektember Season 1

For Star Trek‘s fiftieth birthday in 2016, we wrote up a brief article about each and every episode of Star Trek, The Original Series, Season 1 – from “Where No Man Has Gone Before” to “Operation: Annihilate!”.  Preparing a binge watch?  Want to rewatch an old favorite?  Catch up here.

If you’re hungry for more, make sure you come back next September for more Trektember!