What’s all this then?

It’s about movies, TV, and books (both wordy ones and comic ones).
It’s about toys and games (tabletop, digital, whatever).
It’s about music and poetry and life in the modern age.
It’s even about internet memes.

All of these things have important things to teach us about our lives, our culture, and our view of God.  Don’t miss out on the important truths in the world just because it comes from an unexpected place.

But also realize that none of the things we interact with every day are mindless.  Everything is trying to tell us something about God or how we view Him.  Is it right or wrong?  We’re here to help you ask—and answer—that very question.

Come with us.  We’re going to Redeem Culture together.

Learn more about Redeeming, Culture, and Redeeming Culture.

You can also find out who we are.

(Or, if you’re a theology geek, find out how many Solas we have.)