Who are these people?

David Atwell

David is the founder and chief editor of Redeeming Culture, and a cohost of the 3D Podcast. Christ grabbed him in college and wouldn’t let him go, and shortly thereafter (through the work of James Harleman) showed him that the stuff around him was resonating with the song of the Gospel (and not by coincidence).

David lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his lovely wife, young son, and newborn daughter. He attends Redeemer Presbyterian Church, watches movies and TV shows, plays games, and codes emails for a living.  You can find him on Twitter (@ilinamorato), Letterboxd (ilinamorato), and over at

Ryan Earnhart

Ryan is. He is a force of nature, a staff editor at Redeeming Culture, and another cohost of the 3D Podcast. Christian and geek, he created a Facebook group in the mid-2000s called “What CAN’T the Gospel be related to?” that became a big catalyst for kicking off Redeeming Culture.

Ryan lives in Anderson, Indiana with his wonderful wife and cute little dog. He also does lots of other stuff.  You can find him on Twitter (@zobijayo) and Letterboxd (zobijayo).

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