Redeeming what?

Redeeming what?

Welcome to Redeeming Culture!

Hm?  You don’t know what “culture” is?  It’s ok.

Webster’s defines “Culture” as “Cultivation, tillage.”  That’s not what this site is about.
Webster’s Medical Dictionary calls it “the act or process of growing living material (as bacteria or viruses) in prepared nutrient media.”  That’s…SO not what this site is about.

All right, dictionaries are getting us nowhere.  How about this definition:

CULTURE is the intangible product of a society, consisting of their common language, morality, mythology, sport, literature, experience, art, music, sensation, weather, fashion, play, memes, architecture…

Ok.  That’s going to get way too long for one post…but don’t worry.  We’ll make the list even longer as time goes on.

How’s this for a definition:

CULTURE is the common thread that binds all human beings together.

Short and sweet.  Also, ridiculously broad.  All human beings?  All common threads?  Yep, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.  This stuff is important—and exciting!

Saddle up, strap in, power to the engines.  We’re going on an adventure.

(“Cool, but what do you mean by ‘redeeming?’  Like, trading in your tokens at an arcade?”  Read up on that here.)
(“But wait, why does culture need to be redeemed?  Sounds like it’s pretty good already.”  Read this and I’ll explain.)

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