Trektember: Season 4 Episode List

Trektember: Season 4 Episode List

Want to know what Trektember is? Click here for an explanation.

Here are the episodes that we’ll be reviewing for Trektember 2019, as well as the authors! If you want to see the reviews from a different season of Trektember, click here.

Date Author Episode Title
9/1 David Atwell Trektember Intro
9/2 Adam David Collings Emissary
9/3 W. David Lichty Duet
9/4 David Atwell Cardassians
9/5 David Atwell Profit and Loss
9/6 David Atwell Civil Defense
9/9 David Atwell Explorers
9/10 Mark Wingerter The Visitor
9/11 David Atwell Little Green Men
9/12 James Harleman The Way of the Warrior
9/13 W. David Lichty Trials and Tribble-ations
9/16 Mark Wingerter For the Uniform
9/17 David Atwell Empok Nor
9/18 Mark Wingerter Waltz
9/19 David Atwell The Dominion Invasion
9/20 Kevin C. Neece Far Beyond the Stars
9/23 Matt McKinney In the Pale Moonlight
9/24 David Atwell The Sound of Her Voice
9/25 David Atwell Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
9/26 Mark Wingerter The Seige of AR-558
9/27 Kevin C. Neece Remembering Aron Eisenberg
9/27 Kevin C. Neece It’s Only a Paper Moon
9/30 Kevin C. Neece What You Leave Behind
10/1 David Atwell Trektember: Season 4 Wrap-Up

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Note: This list is manually-edited and may not be completely up-to-date. For a more timely list, check out the Trektember main page.

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