Trektember: Season 3 Episode List

Trektember: Season 3 Episode List

Want to know what Trektember is? Click here for an explanation.
Here are the episodes that we’ll be reviewing for Trektember 2018, as well as the authors! If you want to see the reviews from a different season of Trektember, click here.

Date Author Series Episode Title
8/31 David Atwell Trektember Intro
9/1 David Atwell Discovery Star Trek: Discovery Intro
9/1 Mike Poteet Discovery The Vulcan Hello
9/2 David Lichty Discovery Battle at the Binary Stars
9/3 Mark Wingerter Orville The Orville Intro
9/4 Mark Wingerter Orville Old Wounds
9/5 Alexis Johnson Discovery Context is for Kings
9/6 James Harleman Orville Command Performance
9/7 Kevin C. Neece Discovery The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry
9/8 David Lichty Classics Star Trek: The Motion Picture
9/9 Kevin C. Neece Discovery Choose Your Pain
9/10 Matt McKinney Orville About a Girl
9/11 Mike Poteet Discovery Lethe
9/12 David Atwell Orville If the Stars Should Appear
9/13 David Atwell Discovery Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad
9/14 Reed Lackey Orville Pria
9/15 David Atwell Discovery Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
9/16 David Lichty Orville Krill
9/17 David Lichty Discovery Into the Forest I Go
9/18 Mark Wingerter Orville Majority Rule
9/19 Adam Collings Discovery Despite Yourself
9/20 Kevin C. Neece Orville Into the Fold
9/21 David Atwell Discovery The Wolf Inside
9/22 Kevin C. Neece Orville Cupid’s Dagger
9/23 David Lichty Classics The Wrath of Khan
9/24 Mikey Fissel Discovery Vaulting Ambition
9/25 David Lichty Orville Firestorm
9/26 David Lichty Discovery What’s Past is Prologue
9/27 Mikey Fissel Orville New Dimensions
9/28 David Lichty Discovery The War Without, The War Within
9/29 Reed Lackey Orville Mad Idolatry
9/30 David Atwell Discovery Will You Take My Hand?
10/1 David Atwell Trektember Wrap-up

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Note: This list is manually-edited and may not be completely up-to-date. For a more timely list, check out the Trektember main page.

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