Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Friendly Yet Deadly Movie Robots

Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Friendly Yet Deadly Movie Robots

I’ve been really looking forward to Chappie, the new movie from Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, new Aliens movie) that comes out in theaters this Friday. Starring the vocal and motion capture work of Sharlto Copley (District 9, MaleficentElysium), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), and Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, and another movie coming out the same weekend, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), Chappie looks to be another great movie from Blomkamp and a fun Sci-Fi movie.

Chappie is a particularly fun looking robot but with the ability to be deadly. That got me thinking about other fun robots that are or have the potential to be deadly or a threat. There are plenty of movie robots that are straight up frightening AND deadly (T-1000), as well as some that are just cute and cuddly (WALL-E). However, it can be just as sinister or just as fun to have a nice, friendly robot that has the potential to melt your face. With that in mind, let’s look at the Top 5 Friendly Yet Deadly Movie Robots starting with that friendly, sarcastic robot from everyone’s favorite bad movie TV show.


Crow T Robot

5) Crow T. Robot from MST3K

The golden sass bucket “Art” from Mystery Science Theater 3000 could not actually kill you, although his crazy schemes might, it is the sarcasm and wit that might put you down for good. Boasting a bit more of a bitter edge, especially in later seasons, than his compatriot Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot looks incredibly friendly, but could potentially be deadly in a very emotional kind of way. He might explain away the very existence of the female species (very deadly) or he might try to tunnel his way back to earth (very deadly considering he lives in space). Thankfully, he’s more equipped for movie takedowns than psychotic meltdowns, so this is probably one of the safest robots you could ever watch a movie with.

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Data Spiner

4) Data from Star Trek

Now, Mikey and I necessarily didn’t agree on this one, since Data never actually set out to hurt anyone in any of the Star Trek movies or in TNG, but Data is certainly a friendly robot with the Potential for being deadly. He has super fast reflexes and is a super strong android, Data could kill if faced with his own survival. He might not ever use that strength, but between his superior strength and super-human reflexes, no human, Klingon, or Romulan, not even the Borg, would dare tangle with this Star Fleet officer.

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3) R2-D2 from Star Wars

How could I possibly mention Trek with out mentioning The Wars? He may seem like everyone’s favorite and friendly astromech, but don’t tell that to the battle droid who met their untimely end in Revenge of the Sith. He took his seemingly friendly demeanor and turned those two droids into flaming, melting piles of molten metal. Also, don’t tell the Ewoks he is harmless. That little zapper arm he has can pack quite a shock and send your furry and singed little butt running.

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Iron Giant

2) The Iron Giant

Potentially and incredibly deadly weapon, but rendered incapable of using those weapons, The Iron Giant is everyone’s favorite, lovable Vin Diesel character (until Groot came along, of course). Boasting sophisticated and advanced weaponry, he is by far the most deadly on this list. He doesn’t take the top spot because he is from a different planet and was SENT to destroy us (according to a deleted scene).

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Johnny 5 Alive

1) Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

Truly the cream of the crop, he’s the funky and funny 80’s robot Johnny 5. When he is not threatened, he is everyone’s favorite whimsical and child-like robot hero. Originally designed, however, as a military weapon by the U.S. Government, Johnny 5 is deadly and has a shoulder laser and is able to move at fast speeds on his tank treads. Thankfully, he is more concerned about not being disassembled and dancing to El DeBarge and reprogramming his friends to be Larry, Curly, and Moe.

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