#096 – Zootopia and Following Your Dreams

#096 – Zootopia and Following Your Dreams

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

zoo002We are talking about one of Disney’s most lauded animated films in quite some time, Zootopia. Rarely do we revel in a film that wears its themes on its sleeve, but we don’t seem to mind in this case. There is plenty of good to talk about and plenty of things that sound good but we want to examine a little closer. In a city that is a metaphor for the differences and troubles we have in our own society, maybe it’s timely to let this film affect us on a level that our public discourse isn’t. With depth and breadth of subject matter, it’s hard to believe that we can get so much from an animated film.

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Reel World Theology #096 – Zootopia and Following Your Dreams
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This episode’s panel included Blaine Grimes and Reed Lackey

Blaine Grimes (@Dept_of_Tourism)
Reel World: Rewind

Reed Lackey (@reedlackey)
More Than One Lesson Podcast

Podcast Notes and Links:


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Great episode, I really enjoyed the discussion. For any fans of animation, I highly recommend When Marnie Was There and Only Yesterday. They are two of Studio Ghibli’s more deep and contemplative films. I especially like Marnie’s look at depression, self- loathing and identity, which I think we all deal with to one extent or another. Only Yesterday is more direct slice of life/coming of age. I enjoy them both a great deal, Marnie was my favorite film of 2015.

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