#091 – The Big Short and the Art of Edutainment

#091 – The Big Short and the Art of Edutainment

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

tbs002Hopefully you’ve had a chance to see The Big Short. The more we think about it, the more we love it. What a great oddball film that bounces around genres seamlessly and still managed to entertain and educate (see also. edutainment). The film had us chuckling throughout so much that it wasn’t until the very end that we realized we should have been crying the entire time. Adam McKay does a marvelous job of letting us into the high-stakes world of investment banking and shows us that all the warning signs were there, but human greed and arrogance are things we’ll never escape.

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This episode’s panel included Clay Morgan and Gene Gosewehr.

Clay Morgan (@ClayMorganPA)
The Storymen Podcast

Gene Gosewehr (@WizrdofGOZ)
A Clear Lens Podcast

Podcast Notes and Links:

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Loved the episode guys. I really liked the comparison to Spotlight. I think the things that both films do best is portray the slow burn on the characters as the weight of what they’re discovering gets heavier and heavier. My favorite line that I think accurately shows the stupidity of the whole situation was when they just got done talking to Schmidt from New Girl and Mark Baum says to his associate “Why is he confessing?” And his associate says “He’s not confessing. He’s bragging.”

Yeah, that’s a great line. Show’s not only the stupidity of those taking advantage of the mortgage situation, but also the ignorance of Baum that this ‘world’ even exists. The more he discovers the more he’s shocked by it. Thanks for the comment!

Yeah, watching that was both funny and haunting. Wish this was only satire, but I believe that’s probably exactly how it went down!

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