#083 – The Good Dinosaur and Bad Dads

#083 – The Good Dinosaur and Bad Dads

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

tgd001Audiences always seem to love a new PIXAR film. In fact, it has been since A Bug’s Life that PIXAR has struggled to turn a healthy profit from any of their productions. Well, that is until now. The Good Dinosaur is in danger of doing just that– flopping! In a year that brought us one of the best PIXAR films to date, Inside Out, we get possibly the toughest-to-love to date. Although the photorealism of the scenery is undeniably some of the best animation that has ever been created, the story has not connected with audiences. We explore our reactions and why we think it hasn’t been the hit the studio hoped.

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This episode’s panel included Griffin Kale and Alexis Johnson.

Griffin Kale (@griffin_kale)
RWT Contributor

Alexis Johnson (@phoenicianrises)
Reel Cathedral

Podcast Notes and Links:

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