#072 – Batman Begins and Being Ruled By Fear

#072 – Batman Begins and Being Ruled By Fear

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

bb001It’s one of those magic times during the year when our schedule opens up and we get to take a look at films past. I have been wanting to have a conversation about Batman Begins since I first saw it. Over the past decade, Batman has become one of the most popular comic heroes in the world. A lot of that is in part to his intrinsically tormented storyline, his over-the-top adversaries, his lack of super powers, and, of course, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. I gather some huge comic book fans– one of whom may be the biggest Batman fan of all time– to join me in discussing why Batman is so well-loved and why Batman Begins is a cinematic milestone. Enjoy!

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This week’s panel included JR Forasteros and Rick Lee James.

JR Forasteros (@jrforasteros)
The Storymen Podcast
Origami Elephants Podcast

Rick Lee James (@RickLeeJames)
Basement Psalms LIVE“, the concert, is on Amazon Instant Video
Voices In My Head Podcast

Podcast Notes and Links:

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/neY2xVmOfUM”]

Batman Begins on IMDB

Batman Begins on Rotten Tomatoes

Dark Knight Trilogy Review, Part 1 at JRForasteros.com

Batman Begins Review at Christianity Today

The Adoption Connection in Batman Begins at Reel Spirituality



Another great quote about what we say and what we do, this one from Don Miller:

“What I believe is not what i say I believe. What I believe is what I do.”

A great quote from Blue Like Jazz with which the Apostle James would agree.

Ha. Hopefully Paul would agree as well since JR made a great point that James and Paul were totally on the same page, though people think they are at odds. Great quote!

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