#063 – Tomorrowland and the New Earth

#063 – Tomorrowland and the New Earth

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

tl000Another highly anticipated Summer movie that was hard pressed to follow up Fury Road. Even though we admit that it isn’t the movie to see of the Summer, Tomorrowland gives us plenty to think and talk about. Brad Bird delivers a polarizing film, which is rare, but interesting. More critics are seeing escapism and separation of people who seem to be special than ever before– though we debate what the end goal is. Tomorrowland fuels great debate and makes us examine how we use our own gifts and talents.


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This weeks panel included Joel Mayward and Blaine Grimes.

Joel Mayward (@JoelMayward)
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Blaine Grimes (@Dept_of_Tourism)
Reel Thinking

Podcast Notes and Links:

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/lNzukD8pS_s”]

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