#036 – The LEGO Movie and The Man Upstairs

#036 – The LEGO Movie and The Man Upstairs

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

LEGO_RWTWe get to do something we don’t often have the chance to do (as of now) on the show– go back and talk about a movie that has been out for awhile. But, we make up for it by reviewing a movie that is TOTALLY AWESOME! The LEGO Movie! Perhaps one of the best movies released in 2014, this film was an incredible surprise as a family film and a meta-comedy. Helmed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, this movie gives us a seemingly endless supply of themes to tackle– from reconciliation to the mysterious man upstairs.


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This weeks’ panel included Mark Wingerter and Joe Darnell.

Mark Wingerter (@markwingdinger)
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Joe Darnell (@_JoeDarnell)
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Podcast Notes and Links:

The LEGO Movie on IMDB

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Never LEGO of Hope for Reconciliation at Cinemagogue

Learning to LEGO of Toxic Lordship at Cinemagogue

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Wow, this was so good! Loved the discussion, ranging from toys to movies to Christian dynamics within/contrasts, and just plain fun. Nice to hear Joe too! 🙂

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