#001 – Trending On: Chewbacca Mom

#001 – Trending On: Chewbacca Mom

Everybody’s heard of Chewbacca Mom Candace Payne. Hear some brief thoughts about her joy as we kick off a new podcast – Trending On:, from Redeeming Culture!  (formerly “NetCast”)

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Hi, Ryan;
You know, I thought she was funny and enjoyed her video, but I then went on with my day. I wasn’t expecting the video to go viral and make such an impression on people. I wonder what that says about people, that we are drawn to so videos that show joy or cuteness?

Good question,
I think it’s telling us what those cute things and joy are meant to represent and/or reflect. Cute babies and creatures remind us of how we were once innocent in Eden before the fall. How we can be innocent again through Christ’s sacrifice. God placing eternity on all our hearts also can be seen when we are attracted to instances of joy in our own lives and the lives of others. One day we will be over-flowing with never ending joy and the eternity in our hearts yearn for that day.
So next time we look into the face of a child we should try to remember what gives us those warm and fuzzy feelings. And when we share in joy take a moment to realize it is just an appetizer of the joy to come!
What do you think? Would that make sense that these qualities of cuteness and joy would lend to the “viral” ness of Chewbaca mom? Or am I over reaching on eternity being on our hearts including cuteness and joy?

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