#008 – Cornetto’s End

#008 – Cornetto’s End

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:


Since Shaun of the Dead first caught our attention in 2004, we have been enamored with the films brought to us by the team of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. They promised us a “Blood and Ice Cream” Trilogy and they have finally delivered with the final installment, The World’s End. Not only does this film not fall prey to “trilogy fatigue,” but it possibly outshines all the previous films in the series while still staying true to consistent themes throughout. We take a look at the stories that have been woven throughout the trilogy, and break down some of the themes and world views that these films, and specifically, The World’s End, tackle. Friendship, loneliness, freedom, slavery, and prolonged adolescence – all on this episode!

Warning: Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

Download Episode 008 Here:
Reel World Theology #008 – Cornetto’s End

This weeks panel included Elijah Lovejoy and Chris Meriwether.

Elijah Lovejoy

Chris Meriwether (@ChrisBadwether)


Podcast Notes and Links:

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Just now stumbled on this, but thanks for the link to our review on LTBM! I’ll be sure and check in on your podcast. Are you on iTunes?

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