Reel World: Rewind #033 – Unbreakable

Reel World: Rewind #033 – Unbreakable

On this episode of Reel World: Rewind…

With the upcoming release of M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, it seemed fitting to return to the movie that started it all. Surprising audiences on the back of Shyamalan’s Oscar-nominated Sixth Sense, people were excited to see what the director did next. Unbreakable kept audiences guessing and was a surprisingly disguised superhero movie focused on character development and a reluctant hero. We discuss this surprising turn, the controversial ending, as well as how the movie acted as a pivot point for comic book movies to come after. Are our opinions as indestructible as David Dunne or fragile as Mr. Glass himself, Jeremiah Price.

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Reel World: Rewind #033 – Unbreakable
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Music: “Dirt Rhodes” by Kevin MacLeod. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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