#187 – Halloween and Halloween (2018)

#187 – Halloween and Halloween (2018)

On this special Halloween episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:
It’s that time of year again where we get to do a little something special and celebrate Halloween through the lens of cinema. This year we had an incredibly timely opportunity to talk about the new Halloween film and it’s relation to the original Halloween film all in time for Halloween, itself. We reflect on what made the classic so groundbreaking and do some comparisons in the new one. Does it live up to its name or is it another cheap cash-in on the franchise?
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This episode’s panel included JR Forasteros and Blake Collier:
JR Forasteros (@jrforasteros)
ORDER: Empathy for the Devil
Blake Collier (@LostInOsmosis)
Oh! The Horror Series
The Body|The Blood Podcast (@TheBodyTheBlood)
Blake I Collier Website
Podcast Notes and Links:
Reel World Theology Discussion Group
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Halloween (2018) at IMDB
Halloween (2018) at Rotten Tomatoes
Halloween (2018) at Metacritic
The Hunter Gets Captures By the Game: Halloween (2018) at Reel World Theology

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