#151 – Thor: Ragnarok and Shifting the Tone

#151 – Thor: Ragnarok and Shifting the Tone

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

It’s finally here! Thor: Ragnarok has to be one of the most anticipated MARVEL films to date– not to mention that it’s easily the most anticipated Thor film to date. With Taika Waititi at the helm, the possibilities were endless (for both fun and heart). Did it deliver? Was there a whole lot to take away from this one besides the humor, or, much like Guardians of the Galaxy, was this one made to be enjoyed and not thought too hard about? Most importantly, what does this film lead us to expect from the future of the MCU?

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Reel World Theology #151 – Thor: Ragnarok and Shifting the Tone
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This episode’s panel included James Harleman and Matt Anderson:

James Harleman (@harlemanic)
www.cinemagogue.com (@cinemagogue)
YouTube Channel
The Book:
Cinemagogue: Reclaiming Entertainment and Navigating Narrative for the Myths and Mirrors they were Meant to Be

Matt Anderson (@manderson555)
The Sci-Fi Christian (@scifichristian)
Comic Book Time Machine

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