#106 – Suicide Squad and Critical Consensus

#106 – Suicide Squad and Critical Consensus

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

ss_002We sit down to chat about DC Comics’ second offering this year, Suicide Squad. The film actually gives us a chance to talk about a curious trend of disconnect between audiences and critics in 2016. This seems to have sparked a counter-criticism that has spawned a “positivity”– or almost “white-washing”– movement of audience interaction with film that has tried to stay focused more on feeling instead of technical merit. While we find value in both these perspectives, we ultimately look for the middle ground and ask ourselves if we’ve ever truly seen a bad movie…

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Reel World Theology #106 – Suicide Squad and Critical Consensus
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This episode’s panel included James Harleman and Alexis Johnson:

James Harleman (@harlemanic)
www.cinemagogue.com (@cinemagogue)
YouTube Channel
The Book:
Cinemagogue: Reclaiming Entertainment and Navigating Narrative for the Myths and Mirrors they were Meant to Be

Alexis Johnson (@phoenicianrises)
Reel Cathedral

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This was an excellent episode! I really enjoyed it! Such great discussion, which has really given me so much to think about! I definitely second the idea about having another podcast about characters who are evil just for evil’s sake or good just for good’s sake. I think that would be really timely, considering how the culture has moved away from that black/white kind of storytelling. There is a lot to explore there, so that gets my vote! In the mean time, keep up the awesome work! Love listening to you guys.

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