#100 – 100th Episode Special: Why We’re All Here

#100 – 100th Episode Special: Why We’re All Here

On this very special episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

leo_100We’ve reached the 100 milestone! Three years and a hundred podcasts later, here we are. Reel World has gone through a number of changes over the years and added all kinds of amazing voices to its ranks. We take some time to shamelessly navel gaze and give you guys a chance to meet the staff and hear from many of the people who have contributed to Reel World Theology to make it what it is today. We also take some time to think about what is next for the podcast and the blog. We really enjoyed strolling down memory lane and we hope you have enjoyed us for our first hundred and stick with us for our next hundred. Thanks to all of you for taking time to listen!

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Reel World Theology #100 – 100th Episode Special: Why We’re All Here
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Show Notes:

0:00 – John Bucher

0:01 – Alan Hawkins

0:04 – Meet Josh Crabb

0:18 – Meet Blaine Grimes

0:26 – Meet Gene Gosewehr

0:53 – Mark Wingerter

0:58 – JR Forasteros (Don’t Split Up!, The StoryMen)

1:00 – Laura Fissel

1:07 – Griffin Kale

1:13 – Amber Kenneson

1:16 – Matt Nunn

1:21 – How Josh Got Involved

1:30 – How Blaine Got Involved

1:37 – How Gene Got Involved

1:48 – The Future of RWT

1:57 – If You Could Be Any Movie Character…

2:10 – Wade Bearden (Seeing and Believing)

2:15 – Joel Mayward

2:18 – Joe Darnell (Top Brew)

2:23 – Matt Anderson (The Sci-Fi Christian)

2:28 – Steve Norton (Screen Fish)

2:31 – Rick Lee James (Voices In My Head)

2:35 – Reed Lackey (More Than One Lesson)

Podcast Notes and Links:

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RWT Contributors
RWT Guests

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