Introducing The Colossae Project

Introducing The Colossae Project

How many times have you seen a post like this come up on Instagram or Facebook?

I mean, it is a real Bible verse. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, removed from context, you don’t realize that this is actually a promise God made to a people who were in captivity. It’s not supposed to be a script font/heart tree sentiment for when we’re feeling just a little bit sadder than usual; it’s supposed to be spoken by a patient and loving God when we’re deep in the darkest part of our lives.

Cherry-picking just the “inspirational” Bible verses is dangerous, and it misses out on a lot of beauty found elsewhere in the Bible. We want to see the whole counsel of God, because He’s beautiful and says beautiful things.

That’s why we’re excited to announce The Colossae Project! Coming this February, we’ll begin putting every verse of the book of Colossians onto a beautiful picture and post it on Instagram. No cherry-picking inspiring verses; no ignoring context; just the book of Colossians, straight on through.

Expect two or three posts from the Colossae Project every week starting in February. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get the Colossae Project posts in your feed every week!

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