Five Years of Film and Theology

Five Years of Film and Theology

Five years ago, this Facebook event happened:


I’d been listening to James Harleman‘s Film and Theology events out of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and God had been pulling on my heart with the idea of discovering His story in the things we create and enjoy.

And after the first event, I was hooked.

It’s been five years now.  All of the attendees of that first event are out of college now, and it’s tough to get a group together for that sort of thing.  Which is why this website exists; because God is still faithful, five years later.  He still pursues us through story, and wants us to see Him in the culture we create and enjoy.

By the way, the film for that event was “The Princess Bride.”  Our article about it from last summer is pretty much exactly what our discussion was.  Take a look!

Thank you, God, for being faithful and giving me this mission.  And thank you, reader, for helping be a part of it.

Here’s to five more years!

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