A Lenten Devotional, Day 16

A Lenten Devotional, Day 16

This season, we’re blessed with a set of Lenten devotionals by contributing author Lee Hinkle.  Find out more about Lee at the bottom of this article, or at hinkledownunder.com.


John 6:60-69 (ESV)


Where would we go? A wandering heart is what I possess. Where would we go? Every day in multiple ways, I show that I am more than capable of finding another way. Many left and no longer walked with Jesus. Things were getting tough, and Jesus’ words were becoming harder to listen to.

[pullquote]He is ruthless in His assertions of pre-eminence in our lives.[/pullquote]Most of the time my moving away is done by a reimaging of Jesus. I like to make him into an image I can handle. But He is ruthless in His assertions of pre-eminence in our lives. Thank goodness the Father makes the way. If it was up to me I would walk away, but the Father granted me to come. Praise the Lord.


Lord, make our answers to you Peter’s answer. Make our hearts cry out for your words. Forgive us when we seek other sources of life. Draw us back to your wellspring. Even when it is hard to follow, we want to turn away because it is hard; hold us in your loving embrace. We are yours by your choosing. We have surrendered to you by your good pleasure. Thank you for making us alive. Amen.

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Lee Hinkle is an American pastor who, with his family of 7, felt God’s call to pack up and plant a church in Fremantle, a town in Perth, Western Australia.  Last Summer, the Hinkles left Indianapolis and arrived in Oz to begin their work.  You can follow their adventures at hinkledownunder.com.

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