Reel World: Rewind #037 – The Matrix

Reel World: Rewind #037 – The Matrix

On this episode of Reel World: Rewind…

We know Kung-Fu. Well, not really, unless Gene forgot to tell us he actually DOES know it. However, one thing we do know is The Matrix is a defining movie in the prolific movie year of 1999. In honor of its 20th anniversary, Reel World staffers Gene Gosewehr and Josh Crabb discuss a movie firmly planted in the pantheon of movies Christians love to talk about. This episode posits why that’s not a bad thing, why the movie still resonates deeply with people twenty years later, and what stuck out on an umpteenth rewatch. From reminiscing about blasting the movie on surround sound to the movie providing insight into Judas Iscariot, it’s all covered in this rewatch of The Matrix.

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Reel World: Rewind #037 – The Matrix
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Music: “Dirt Rhodes” by Kevin MacLeod. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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