#117 – Arrival and Considering God’s Perspective

#117 – Arrival and Considering God’s Perspective

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

arrival001We get to talk about the most original sci-fi film we’ve seen this year. Not only do we all love original sci-fi, but this film gives us so much to discuss– which means it is doing exactly what we think good sci-fi should be doing. While the movie does not come out and make explicit arguments for these things, the film sparks conversations about free will, abortion, God’s perspective on time, and pain and suffering. I also mispronounce Villanueve’s name horribly!

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This episode’s panel included Aaron White and Steve Norton:

Aaron White (@aaronElWhite)
Feelin’ Film Podcast (@FeelinFilm)

Steve Norton (@PastorStevePBC)
Screen Fish

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