#124 – A Monster Calls and A Better Truth

#124 – A Monster Calls and A Better Truth

On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:

We get to talk about another highly anticipated film that snuck in right before the end of the year, A Monster Calls. While everyone we know who was able to see this film enjoyed it, it does seem like it struggled to find its audience with a preview that looked like it may be a film for kids, but subject matter that seems like it is more meant for adults– or parents. Regardless, we find ourselves with another film that explores grief (a trend for 2016), but this time from the eyes of a child. We discuss how that changes things.

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This episode’s panel included Reed Lackey and Scott Kelly:

Reed Lackey (@reedlackey)
More Than One Lesson Podcast
The Fear of God Podcast

Scott Kelly (@scoke15)
Scott’s Website

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