Top 5: Best Supporting Actor 2015

Top 5: Best Supporting Actor 2015

This may be one of the toughest categories to call come awards time. Unlike some other categories, however, it’s not because of the top-to-bottom nature of the nominees. In this case, it is the battle at the top. There were a lot of great supporting actor performances this year, but two really stood above the rest– and that was very evident after the Reel World team submitted their votes. See who came out on top.

5. Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies

sact001“While Bridge of Spies was a very solid film, there very rarely seemed like there was anything magnificent about it– well, except Mark Rylance’s performance. In a film that would be incredibly easy to turn into a simple ‘us vs them’ story, Rylance turns in a performance that is both controlled and sympathetic. Few supporting actors took over every scene they were in like Rylance in Spielberg’s latest offering.” -Fizz

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sact0024. Paul Dano, Love and Mercy

“Dano was nominated at the Golden Globes, but for some reason was passed over at the Oscars. He deserves better for his fabulous performance as the younger, 1960’s Brian Wilson. He exudes joy when making music and perfects the afflicted, tortured artist role without being over-the-top or understated.” -Josh Crabb

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3. Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight

sact003“Mark Ruffalo always brings an infectious level of pathos to his roles. His work in Spotlight brings some warmth to the otherwise procedural film.” -Blaine Grimes

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sact0042. Sylvester Stallone, Creed

“This is simply Stallone’s best acting ever, out-shining even the original Rocky. He embraces Rocky’s age and makes it work wonderfully.” -The Film Avenger

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1. Tom Hardy, The Revenant

sact005“A good villain is hard to find, especially one that we love to hate. Hardy’s deliciously despicable Fitzgerald is simple, pure, and consistent. He is at once easy to understand and yet utterly baffling to the bitter end.” -Laura Fissel

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