To New Beginnings

This is not a goodbye post.

Redeeming Culture started in September 2014. We’re coming up on our fourth anniversary this fall. And it’s been a great time. After copying over a couple of articles from the site’s predecessor, we launched our first set of text reviews with The Avengers Disassembled, a look at the main characters of 2009’s The Avengers through a Redeeming Culture lens.

Which makes it only natural, then, that this chapter of Redeeming Culture should close with a review of Avengers: Infinity War. We’ve bookended the site with some in-depth reviews of the Avengers, who they are, and what they mean for our understanding of The Story.

But this is truly just a chapter closing; it’s not an ending.

What’s Happening to the Articles?

The time of weekly text reviews on Redeeming Culture has come to an end (for now, at least). We’d all like to thank our readers for your support over the last four years, and for being a blessing to us. We praise God for all of you. Thank you.

But we’re not done writing; Ryan, David, and David will still be posting our text reviews over on Reel World Theology.

In fact, we’ve already started; as of the writing of this piece, Ryan has already written four pieces and I (David A.) have already put in three (which you’ve seen crossposted here). David L.’s Cinephile series will be migrating over there for next month, as well.

This merger will allow us to extend our reach and resources, and to continue our mission of spreading a passion for God in film; a passion the people at Reel World Theology share. And it gets even better: many of the contributors you’ve seen in Trektember are already writing for Reel World, along with many other people as well. So this merger actually means more great content for you, not less!

What’s Happening to the Podcast?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the 3D Podcast feed has been a little bit…sparse. That’s because, as we considered and discussed the merger, we realized that 3D was covering a lot of ground that the Reel World Theology podcast was already covering. As a result, we’ve made several cameos on the Reel World podcast; that will become less of a cameo and more of a regular appearance this year. In just a short while, our takeover will be complete!


But that doesn’t mean that 3D is going away. We have plans mapped out that could take us through the entire MCU and beyond, but those will be rolling out later on in the year. Don’t unsubscribe just yet, and make sure you subscribe to the Reel World Theology podcast so you can catch our dulcet tones regularly!

What about Trektember?

Trektember is definitely coming back for a third season; we’re beginning preparation on it now. But it’ll run over on Reel World Theology this year. I (David A.) will still be curating and editing the series, and we’ll still have many of the same great voices joining us!

What is going to happen to

This merger will allow us to reach out beyond what we’re doing and try new experiments. I have been working on a few projects already that aren’t quite ready to be announced; but when they are, they’ll be showing up here. Stick around. We have a lot of great stuff planned.

So how can I make sure that I don’t miss anything?

Great question! Follow Redeeming Culture and Reel World Theology on social media, or join the Reel World Theology discussion group on Facebook.

Not a social media person? You can plug the Redeeming Culture feed and the Reel World Theology feed into the RSS reader of your choice.

What’s next?

Over the next three months or so, we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite articles, as well as crossposting the articles that I (David A.) write for Reel World Theology. In September, we’ll post our traditional Happy Birthday Redeeming Culture post, and look back over everything. You may also see a retrospective from me, talking about the things I’ve learned in the last four years.

And then, after that?

The horizon.

• • •

Thanks for reading Redeeming Culture. We’ve been writing that under every post for almost four years, and we mean it even more now than we did in 2014. Your support of what we write has been a great blessing, and we’re really excited to take this next step with you. See you over at Reel World!

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