If the year of 2018 in film has a theme, that theme is definitely superheroes. Depending on your definition of “superhero,” there have been between seven and fifteen blockbusters in the genre over the last twelve months, with another one…

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On this episode of the Reel World Theology Podcast:


Summer 2014 keeps bringing us more comic book movies, so we keep the superhero talk going by looking at the second installment in the Amazing Spider-Man universe. It certainly isn’t quite the same quality as the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, but it does feature MARVEL’s most popular and, to a certain degree, most relatable superhero. In this sequel, Spider-Man’s responsibilities start to seriously affect Peter Parker’s ability to function as a normal guy. From haunting visions of Gwen’s father, to never being anywhere he is supposed to be, Peter struggles with his ever-growing responsibility in both lives. With his relationship with Gwen uncertain and Oscorp finding ways to create new villains, both Peter Parker and Spider-Man may find that though they are extraordinary, they both need help. Identity, tough love, living in the moment, responsibility and the power of choice– we can certainly cover a lot of ground.

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