Netflix Your Weekend June 3.0

Netflix Your Weekend June 3.0

Jack Reacher Movie Poster


Jack Reacher You’re probably thinking- Jack who? Believe it or not this movie has Tom Cruise in it. And you probably missed it like most people did- including me. But I needed something to watch one boring evening and to be honest, I got way more than I thought I would. This is a sleek movie that kicks a lot of butt.
The trailers give the impression it’s a broody action movie, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s an action mystery and it’s done quite well. Now, this isn’t a great movie that deserves high praise, but this is the summer time, and here you have a hearty summer blockbuster that may surprise you. What more do you need? Tom Cruise is at his best and is joined by a pre-Gone Girl Rosamund Pike who gives her all to what’s in the script. Don’t expect brilliance, do expect entertainment.

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Atari Game Over Movie Poster


Atari: Game Over – This is a fascinating documentary. I had heard of the E.T./Atari debacle in whispers all my life, but to see it actually being investigated absolutely sucked me in. I am a child of the 1980s, and the video game culture was a big part of my childhood, though I never played Atari myself growing up (I was a Nintendo kid in my youth). The history segments that framed the excavation were definitely worth watching. The rise and fall of the whole company was quite the tragedy.
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Tucker Dale Movie Poster


Tucker and Dale vs. Evil  The classic horror set-up is flipped on its head: A group of college kids camping in the woods encounter menacing hillbillies. Except these hillbillies are the nicest guys you could imagine, and as the blood starts to fly, you can’t help but wonder who the real monsters are. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a hilarious, gore-filled romp that challenges our binary definitions of good and evil.

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