Book: The Redeeming Culture Guide to Deadpool

Our first book is on its way, and we want you to be the first to read it!

Redeeming Culture and RC Press are excited to present this preview copy of “The Redeeming Culture Guide to Deadpool,” a book which will walk you through the origins of the Merc with a Mouth and some of his most famous stories: “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” and “Deadpool Killustrated” (and one more chapter to be added later). We’d love to hear your feedback on the beginnings of this short book, and we hope you enjoy it. Even if you don’t have any experience with Deadpool, we hope you’ll read chapter three!

You can download the preview copy in PDF form here. If it had a book cover, the quotes on it would be:

“I’m very excited about this and hope Disney doesn’t sue us!”
-David Atwell


-Ryan Earnhart


“‘Cool?’ Wait, didn’t you write it, Ryan?”
-David Atwell


“I’m not really sure about this.”


“In the first chapter, I had a little buyer’s remorse, was worried that this may not be that good either, but no, I liked it a lot. Maybe it only deserves 4 stars instead of 5, I don’t know, but I enjoyed it and I’m excited about the new character.”
-Jerry on Amazon, who has probably never heard of us, about a completely unrelated book

Happy reading!

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